Deploy Mac applications

Mac Applications are deployed as a .dmg image.

Create App Icon

Create an name.iconset folder, with these png icons:

├── icon_1024x1024.png
├── icon_128x128@2x.png
├── icon_16x16@2x.png
├── icon_256x256.png
├── icon_256x256@2x.png
├── icon_32x32.png
├── icon_32x32@2x.png
├── icon_512x512.png
├── icon_512x512@2x.png
└── icon_64x64.png

Run iconutil -c icns name.iconset which will generate the icon name.icns

Add the icon to the build with qmake

Add this line to the .pro file and run qmake

ICON = path/to/name.icns

Add the icon to an already packaged app

  1. Copy the name.icns file to the .app package, in

  2. Add these to the <dict> in


Deploy with Qt and create dmg

Let’s assume the application has already been built and bundled (by Qt).

path/to/Qt/bin/./macdeployqt path/to/ -dmg